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Herbal Supplements for superb libido, improved memory and blood circulation.

Lifestyle food list

If you are on the diet, or looking to replace some regular food with dietary products, feel free to look into the list below. VEGETABLES Amaranth greens- callaloo- Jamaican greens Renta yam Purple yam- aka as St.Vincent Purple potato and purple sweet potato Avocado...

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Membership Policy Jungle Life Herbs membership more than pays for itself with exclusive savings on all the high quality herbal  supplements you will need. Prices change and limited time offers are just that but with a JLH membership you are guaranteed to be first in...

Keyboards for Jamaican Kids

Support Keyboards for Jamaican kids. Doing this will help buy a keyboard for a child in Jamaica to learn how to play and create music. Science shows that playing music increases a child's learning aptitude by ten fold, especially in science and math. Help us encourage...

In Support of Jamaican Children

Please help this little girl to learn to play music by donating for her lessons.