Blood Builder = Natural Iron

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Blood Builder is the formula to naturally address conditions like Iron deficiency anemia, sickle cell anemia, red blood cell disorders, and Hemolytic disorders to name a few. Formulated by Mother Nature and presented to you by Jungle Life Herbs. We are proud to offer this formula because the blood in our body is life. Stress is at an all time high for both sexes on every level so steps must be taken to protect and strengthen the blood. As we experience daily activities like commuting, working, performing routine tasks, and exercising, our blood has to tap into our natural mineral resources to find fuel to keep up with our never ending desire to get things done.

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Using Blood Builder will help accomplish these tasks because only ingredients from nature can truly do this type of work.
Cells in our body did not originate in a lab so we must look to nature to provide the building blocks to maintain them. Women please pay particular attention to the importance of using this formula because monthly cycles can take a toll on your bodies and you are the earth’s childbearing Goddesses. Humanities future is continued by you so fortifying your blood is of the utmost importance in Jungle Life Herbs phylosophy each time we discover natural ways to make the cells stronger. Jungle Life Herbs now brings to you proper building material to perform this task via Blood Builder. Start making the essential oil in your body, your blood, stronger today. Blood Builder is the first stepping stone.

Damiana, nettle, original herb root blend

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6 reviews for Blood Builder = Natural Iron

  1. N. Espinel

    This has been a game changer for me. I started using this product a year ago when I was feeling very weak and tired all the time. I have gotten all my energy and strength back now and that is why I continue to use it. I encourage all my friends to use blood builder too and some have and like the results.

  2. sandra mcfarlane

    This is an amazing combination of herbs.
    Any woman having menstrual issues need to get on this . It absolutely was a game changer for me after years of suffering with menstruation issues every month.

  3. Randa Noel

    Absolutely a life saver. 2019 to this day I am a strong believer. Thank you both for your support

  4. Randa Noel

    Absolutely a life saver. 2019 to this day I am a strong believer. Thank you both for your support

  5. Randa Noel

    If I have to say that I’m a new person since 2019 it’s all thanks to Jungle life herbs. I feel great and I look great. I’m so grateful and blessed. It’s 2023 and I’m very loyal. Everything positive is my best way to put it. Everyone should be on this product. Thanks a million

  6. Aaron Noel (verified owner)

    Thank you so much. I’ve been a loyal customer for years. I will be for more years to come. My wife and family is fortunate and blessed. Every one should be on this vitamins. Thanks a million. Ps. Taking 4 per day is the magic number ✨️

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