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Bowel Mover is the maintenance plan that conveniently fits the now more than ever, busy everyday lifestyle. Proper daily bowel movements are a must to keep our bodies in great working order, so join the many that use this method as their bowel’s download solution.



Bowel Mover is the perfect option to help to deal  with chronic health challenges like constipation, hard stool, impacted colon, bowel blockage, and general inconsistent bowel cycles. Once Bowel Mover gets to work, the freedom of quick and total toilet deposits, accompanied with feeling relieved is why people continue to use Bowel Mover. The choice of herbal plants for this formula is specific for helping low bowel action. The purpose is not to cause the colon to spasm and report a diarrhea effect, but a smooth, quick, and relief oriented effect. Sometimes though, depending on a persons sensitivity, combined with the power of the herbal formula, the urge to purge could be sudden and frequent in the beginning. The herbal formula is directed at increasing volume of stool removal, which is the proper way to effectively cleanse the colon. Maximum stool removal is far more effective at maintaining a clean and  blockage free colon. Studies have shown that the combination of preservatives, fillers, low fiber, and hardeners used in the processing of many foods today, contribute to low bowel action. Using Bowel Mover as part of a regular colon clearance plan – by preventing food from staying in colon too long – is the right move because it will help lower incidents of chronic conditions – joint pain, bloating, colon discomfort, painful bowel movements, inflammation, colon blockage, and many others– caused by irregular and infrequent bowel movement. Many people are fooled into thinking that a proper bowel movement is a lot of flatulence ( farting), or horrible odors – and small pebble like deposits of stool into a toilet,  as a proper bowel movement. Once they start using Bowel Mover, they are usually very surprised at the volume of fecal material that is removed with each bowel motion, and how much better they immediately feel. It is time to take back our health and consistently have proper bowel movements. All the remains of what you put in your mouth each day, must be regularly and effectively exported out to maintain a healthy body and being . Start using Bowel Mover today.

This product is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease.

4 reviews for Bowel Mover

  1. Azuma.E

    I gave this to my mother and it worked like a charm. She had been having trouble going to the bathroom for a long time and the medication that her doctor gave her did not solve the problem. She actually thanked me, and I am not hearing her complain anymore. That peace is well worth it.

  2. Nelly

    One day I was browsing online looking for herbs that were good for constipation, and I found this product bowel mover. I bought this product and I was so surprised that I can now use the bathroom easily. So now I don’t feel constipated. Thank you jungle life herbs.

  3. Jonathan

    I think people should try this product because it really helped me start using the toilet regularly, and I have to say that now it is such a breeze. I even met the people that run this company when I went to their farm and I was so glad that I had gone to meet them. I have told as many people as I can to try Bowel mover. I am glad I did.

  4. Wilona in California

    Bowel mover has worked really well for me and I recommend that everyone try it. I was having so much trouble going for going to the bathroom and I had tried so many other products that said they were natural and they did not work. My sister who was always constipated told me to try it and I am glad I did. The bathroom does not smell so bad now and it has only been two weeks. I do feel so much better now

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