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$5.00$1,000.00 is a small company and we need to raise funds to purchase more land so that we grow more healing herbs  and spices.

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Right now most healing herbs and spices available in the market are imported from outside the US. This means that we don’t control our supply, we don’t control the quality, we don’t control the growing methods, we don’t control the freshness, and when herbs and spices are imported, the supply is subjected to further manipulation via extra insect spraying, irradiation, and sometimes even gas treatments. All these methods are used to limit insect passage from one country to the next. This is great for the insect limitation but not good for the quality of dried herbs and spices, or the fact that consumers get to ingest all the remains of the process. This does not need to happen since many of our herbs and spices can be grown here. Choices are part of what makes this country different and amazing, but as far as herbs and spices, there are not too many choices when it comes to quality and home grown. Healing herbs especially, lose some of their potency when subjected to these methods.

Herbs and spices are supposed to make your house smell awesome, bring more minerals and vitamins to your meals, enhance the taste of your food, and make your mouth water with anticipation because of the plant power richness that comes from the earth, to then be consumed by you. This does not usually happen because they are mostly imported so they can be gotten cheaply, but look at the cost to our health and taste buds. It is not healthy to ingest a bunch of chemicals so that a consistent level of cheap and insect repellent filled herbs and spices can be enjoyed, because after all, that is what you are getting. Primarily because of poor quality herbs and spices, many people are confessing that because of a lack of variety of naturally flavorful, mouthwatering bites of morsels -which makes one meal taste different from another- it is causing them to not enjoy their meals anymore. The most dominant tastes right now are salty, sweet, and peppery. When meals are eaten outside of the US the primary reason why they have such an explosion of taste and therefore taste so good, is because the quality of herbs and spices that are used to prepare these succulent meals, and the fact that the herbs and spices are not affected by the process of importation, makes for a more flavorful and potent herb or spice. We can start more impactful change now with your help.

With every donation of $5.00 or more we will offer you an opportunity to obtain a free gift. We want to have visitors come to our gardens soon one day here in Florida, and be amazed at how potent and fragrant our spices, teas and healing herbs smell and taste. We want to enable others to experience the same on a wider scale. For this effort to be successful, we need your support to raise funds. Every dollar counts so please help. Most fund raiser ideas nowadays are usually for technology which is great, but we have to always remember nobody ever remembers how good the last smartphone or any other new piece of technology tasted. Food and taste are a common bond across the world and we need to improve our health and quality of healing herbs and spices by growing the best right here on our land. Thank you for your donation.


Marc and Nelida

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