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The Jungle Life Herbs perspective and approach is different. We started this company and movement to promote a lifestyle with a different view on how we eat and the way we see our food.

Jungle Life Herbs got created because of a few reasons.

(1) Many of the herbs on the market to me were subpar and did not work. I was not feeling well and one of my problems was constipation. There was a herbal product on the market that I used constantly to help with this problem but I noticed that it did not seem to be working anymore. I wondered if it was in my head so I bought a new bottle and still did not experience the same results I was getting before. I knew then that it was not all in my head. I was curious as to what could have changed because I really liked the product and I did not like being constipated. I liked this product because it was gentle on my system and I experienced no negative side effects. I tried drugs that my doctor prescribed and I did not like the way it made me feel and it made me more constipated and bloated. There were times that I was blocked up and if I took more of the drugs it made me feel so nauseated that I would vomit. So, you see when I found a herbal alternative I was really happy. It worked so well that after using it for a few weeks I realized that I could skip days and still get results but like I said earlier, I noticed that it was not working anymore. I used this product for two years so I knew when it stopped working.

This led me to reason number (2). I was not going live with this problem since I now knew that an herbal remedy worked before to relieve my problem and now did not work because it seemed to be fixed so it would not work anymore. Plus, I knew that I was not the only one that looked to this product for help and relief so I started to investigate what was in the original product- I kept my old bottles- and proceeded to find out why they were used and what was so special about them. I thought that I could make my own reversion so that I could relieve my constipation problem and be happy again. However, my whole world changed once that journey started and I just could not stop myself. My research led me not only to learn more about herbs and herbal formulas but also to learn about dirt or what is called soil condition, and how to grow plants successfully in it. I even had to learn about soil bacteria, plant and soil PH, plant origin, and the one I should have mentioned first, plant authenticity. There are so many plants that we think are original plants but are indeed artificial and we have been growing and eating them for hundreds of years.  Because of this path I have been able to learn many of the necessary things to start helping myself

I did some research and learned that the company was no longer owned by the doctor that started the company. He sold it to a major player and that was big name in the pharmaceutical world. I later found out that this is the way things work these days. Now I knew why the formula did not work anymore. I learned it is common practice for big companies to buy out smaller companies that are established and have successful product lines and usually when they do the next step is to change to newer and improved ingredients. I don’t know what they changed but this present formula does not work anymore. Even the nutritionist that I used to buy the formula from noticed that sales were down for that particular product. I knew then that I was not the only that noticed the change. Upon learning of this practice I decided to make sure that our company stays away from that trends. We want to make sure that we keep providing quality products for our customers for years to come with your support.

The “Cell” which is the foundation of our bodies has been ignored and neglected and Jungle Life Herbs has no other mission other than to make the health of the body’s cell the one and only priority. Everyone involved with Jungle Life Herbs live and breathe the same intention and purpose. By promoting stimulant free, artificial filler free, neutral foods and PH balanced in house grown herb food products, we open the doors to true healing.

Because our methods are a daily lifestyle, we have helped many people resolve several health and non health issues, and that is how we know that our system works. We are constantly learning how to bring back all the lost and ignored ways and knowledge into so called modern day lifestyles. This concept or way of thinking concerning herb foods and food is not new but it has been thought of as unimportant.

Our food makes us who we are and that starts long before we start walking around. Many have come before us and said that they will do things differently but in the end things are still the same. We as a people have been reduced to running from one fad to another when it comes to food. High protein, gluten free, no sugar added, and low sodium, are only some the food fads attracting or distracting us – depending on how you look at it- from the real fact which is that more than half the time we really don’t know our food. The average label reads like a science project instead of a food listing because of all the artificial additives.

From our view most of the food or to put it bluntly ,what we call food, is harming and compromising our health.

This problem did not start recently or even one hundred years ago. Much of our food

source is not real, it is artificial, or genetically modified and therefore not cell friendly. The Jungle Life Herbs concept is to get back to basics of simply nourishing the cell. The condition of the cell is everything because you cannot become the best representation of yourself when the foundation – your cell – is not at its best.

Jungle Life Herbs is totally focused on the health of the cell because when the cell is healthy, greater or much higher levels of health can be attained. True jungle health is achieved from the inside out, not the outside in, and this can only be achieved by building the cell, the foundation of our body. Armed with proper herb food , and cell friendly food knowledge, the level of cell energy and overall health can be raised.

This is the Jungle Life Herbs way. Join us to build cell immunity, starting today. We grow it cause we know it.

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