Cell D’Tox = Whole body cleaner

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A simple natural cleansing herbal combination that primarily targets cleansing the entire body. Acne and  Constipation for example, are well known problems faced by many people every day. This natural formula is what everyone is raving about to help bring needed and absolutely necessary relief.

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Maintaining a healthy digestive system is a high priority to help keep the body balanced. This
formula will gently break down any buildup within the intestinal walls as well as inflammation in the entire body and remove it. While removal of unwanted buildup in the colon is important, helping the colon to heal from the daily abuse of highly acidic , inflammatory, and constipating foods and beverages, are conditions for which Cell D’Tox was specifically formulated.

The principal idea is to use high quality wild, original herbs that are not antagonistic to the targeted areas because that is the Jungle Life Herbs way. Start feeling fresh on the inside with Cell D’Tox.

Sagrada, fenugreek, vervain combination.

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Weight 3.5 oz

6 reviews for Cell D’Tox = Whole body cleaner

  1. Sandra Williams

    Great product.
    Did exactly what it said it would.

  2. Marc

    I love this product

  3. Randa

    I did 7 days on this product. I stayed at their facility and got my body detox. I’m a walking Miracle. Upon arrival I had so much pain,complications. Day 3 my eye infection went away,my dark circles cleared up,my energy was back,my skin cleared up,hair grew. No more pain. So much more I can tell. My hubby also saw drastic results. Thank you Jungle life.

  4. Thomas

    The cell detox is a product that I have used for months!! I was impressed with its ability to cleanse my intestines, even on the days when I ate very little fiber. I felt like I could digest and harness more energy from each meal when I used this product. It is the best product that I have ever used for overall detoxification and elimination!!

  5. Randa Noel

    My health took a turn for the worse in 2019. Thanks to jungle life herbs. I was told that muscus is the root cause of all diseases. They saved my life. 2023 I’m still a big user of the product. I’ve introduced so many friends and family. They are very Grateful. Thank you always.

  6. Aaron Noel (verified owner)

    Every time I feel constipated cell Detox is my comfort. It takes minutes for me to feel that relief. Thank a million. 2019 to 2023 I’m still very loyal and extremely grateful. My body is healing and I’m believing each and every day that this is the miracle we all need to clean up our sometimes toxic body. We need cell detox ad our daily mineral intake. Remember when you are constipated it make you look stressed and not relaxed. After 4 or what you desire it’s like a stress relief. You look good and feel good. Thank you. I’m satisfied and forever your number one herb loyal customer

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