Garden tour package (by appointment only)


$39.99 per person.

Harvest Host members – $29.99 each for 1st 2 adults, additional parties with the same group are free.

This tour is great for people that have not been exposed to plants in a major way and really want to know and learn about changing the way they think and live while including plant life.



Powerful medicinal Burdock root.


Our garden tour package includes:

A class on gardening and growing techniques.

A taste and touch of the plants and fruits you will see,

Information about the medicinal uses and  the history of the plants

Duration  1 hour



1 review for Garden tour package (by appointment only)

  1. Azuma.E

    This farm is spectacular. It was way more than we expected.

    Now, this is only our 3rd stay at a HH, so we don't have a huge repertoire of experiences to draw from. Plus we were their first guests in this format. It's clear that the host is more experienced with guests staying for a few days or even a week or two.

    This is an experience. TL;DR: it's worth it.

    We weren't certain we arrived at the correct location at first, as the drive in sort of hides what's to come, but don't be deterred – it's worth it.

    So we parked in a little lot adjacent to a small double-wide. This is an AirBnB that they usually welcome guests to for detoxing.

    The farm is totally organic and they grow an amazing variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. After a tour of the spectacular farm, we were welcomed into the house for a light snack. It included a refreshing glass of tea, cooking demonstration, and green juice. My husband, 13yo son and I enjoyed all the food very much!

    Great, friendly, knowledgeable hosts at a lovely property. They don't have an animal-prevention fence, so although you can walk them, the owner warned that animals can get in and out.

    We also visited a couple of the blue holes while we were in the area. Our favorite was at the north entrance of Ichetucknee and down the board walk. Water was a refreshing 72°F. Cavern certified SCUBA available there.

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