Burdock Root is an ancient original alkaline root that has been used by kings, queens, and everyone that has known of its power to heal and fuel the cells of the body. This article will let you know many of the secrets as to why you must have this herbal root in your arsenal.

Arctium Lappa is the name given to this power plant by the botanical world. It is said to be native to Asia and Europe with several species widely introduced worldwide according to studies done on this herbal plant.. Based on our findings,Burdock grows quite comfortably and wild in several states in America. What you see in the photo is some of the many different Burdock root varieties growing strong and well in our herbal gardens on our farm. There are over 15 different types of burdock root growing worldwide so we at Jungle Life Herbs are very proud to be able to have so many types in our gardens. We grow our own burdock root to use in our supplements because most burdock is imported into the country and therefore must be sprayed with some kind of insecticide, even if it is organic. We work hard to eliminate as many things as we can that contaminate the true nature of the herbs ability to heal, like any kind of chemicals.Chemicals have their use and place but when you ingest your herbal plants  to promote healing and recovery, the less chemical influence accompanying it will always increase the potency.

Burdock growing on our farm

Now Burdock is very powerful and useful in many ways. Because it is rich in minerals, we use it for just that reason. If you want to add minerals to the blood, you have to consume plants and roots that like to go mining for minerals in the ground. Burdock is a miner in its own right because it produces roots that like to go digging deep into the ground. Here are some of the roots that have come from the land on our farm.

Burdock root

As you can see, the root has many legs, and they go in all different directions. This is what makes burdock root so potent when you eat it. Because of its amazing mining capabilities, it will gobble up every bit of minerals it can get its roots/hands on that is within reach. In the picture, you are looking at just one plant an its amazing cluster of roots.

Earlier the words ancient and original were mentioned. Well, you know by now that burdock is ancient so let’s focus on the original part and why that should hold your attention. Looking back at the root system of the burdock root in the picture, you can’t help but notice how the roots go out all over the place. The reason why original is important here is because many other root foods like the carrot and radish used to have a similar looking  root system.. However, most root foods that burrow into the ground today, lack the ability to send out roots everywhere like they could before because of hybridization. Hybridization and genetic modification has changed the way the plant grows and behaves when it goes hunting for minerals in the ground. Many plants today depend almost totally  on the artificial fertilizers to survive because they have been changed to such a great extent. Plants are supposed to be natural  hunters of minerals and anything else in the ground that will help it grow strong so that it can resist the challenges above ground. The importance of having strong original herb foods in our nutrition pool  cannot be overly stressed, especially because of the above mentioned changes.

Bug attack

What you see here is a plant leaf under attack by its predators.When forced hybridization and genetic modifying are done, a plant loses some of its ability to defend itself and properly mine the elements in the ground. This type of plant creation by man might yield a different looking plant that suits the look factor, but random selection of putting plants together is not necessarily good for the plant or nature. Now, this sometimes happens naturally in nature when pollinators move from one similar plant to the next, and viola! Cross breeding happens. So now, your pear shaped leaf on one similar plant might produce a pear shaped leaf with some ridges on another. Nature does not mate orange plants with spider genes or grapes, and therefore does not produce weakened plants.However, when these changes are forced upon the plant by man – for whatever reason-  the actions do not usually take into consideration that the plant might lose some of its natural defense mechanisms which leaves it more susceptible to bug attacks. Stay tuned for an upcoming article that will address that particular subject in greater detail.  As a burdock plant grows and mines the ground for all those precious minerals like iron and calcium -some of the minerals found in burdock- it has to use what it eats to fortify its structure  – leaves, stems, and roots – so that it can ward off insects that will come looking for it because it is such a great miner. Insects come seeking the elements that make burdock so great to make themselves great. After all , insects need to eat too. Maybe that is why trees and plants have so many leaves.  Somehow we do not fully realize that almost everything in nature exclusively gets super strong by eating a ton of plants.

Hence, the importance of original. When we put this plant’s roots in our supplements we know that you can derive a good source of nutrition from it because it still has the ability to recognize the elements in the ground and absorb them. There will be an article soon to show and tell you about the original carrot, and you will see the differences when compared to the new carrot that we have been consuming for hundreds of years that does not even produce a seed.

Freshly cut burdock root.

This picture is of burdock root grown on our farm, freshly cut and split in two to show you what it looks like inside. The root if picked young can be eaten raw, shredded and put in a salad, or used to make a coleslaw type entree. In places like Japan, burdock is used in a plentiful manor. The roots mineral richness causes it to be used as an aphrodisiac in that culture. It is commonly used in many Japanese restaurants through out that country to bring flavor and heighten the level of nutrition in the meals. If the soil where burdock is grown is rich and fertile, then your burdock is going to be powerful. Just ask the Japanese.

Burdock root, a longer version.

A key benefit of burdock root is its well known ability to purify the blood. Use of this root helps to clean the blood via the liver. The body also eliminates impurities or toxins by the lungs, kidneys, the lymphatic system, and skin. Burdock’s characteristics lets it blend splendidly into this bodily function for maintenance and strength. The big plus here for burdock is alkalinity. Being alkaline lets burdock be well liked and absorbed by the cells of the body. Acidity is antagonistic to the body, so by burdock being the opposite, peace is achieved as it moves around inside the body helping it to heal and develop strength.

What you are seeing here is our popular body strengthener called Blood Builder. Many use it to overcome the beat down from day to day stress.We put the best components that we can find in the ground and process it as gently as we can to compile as much power as we can in a capsule. These are some of the many reasons why we go to great lengths to grow as many powerful varieties of Burdock root. This plant is solid and still possesses the natural ability to bring wholesome goodness to our bodies. The secret is in the plant and the fertility of the ground to produce results when called upon. From purifying the blood to being a recognized aphrodisiac by a whole country, and  is a rich mineral resource, to name a few is way beyond measure.

Arctium Lappa aka Burdock Root, could be the shot in the dark, as well as the light that you need to build overall strength, whether you are male or female. It commands to be saluted as an original icon that has not been ignored by Jungle Life Herbs. The Creator put this amazing herbal plant literally at our feet and we use it and encourage you to do the same. www.JungleLifeHerbs.com
















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