Embarrassed by the after stool effects? Well get Cell D’Tox, read this article and change all that now.

Cell D’Tox is stinky poop’s biggest enemy and you need to know that so you can start using it to prevent bathroom blues.

Going to potty can be a real hassle for many, especially women. I did not realize this until I took my girlfriend to a close relative’s house. She needed to go to the bathroom really badly for #2 action but wanted me to make an excuse so that we could leave, so she could do her movement somewhere else.

I thought it was crazy and super funny but I had to grant her request because she was almost panic stricken. We went down the street to a Burger King and there the deed was done. I cannot tell you how hard and long I laughed about this whole thing.

I had to push and prod to get her to explain to me why she was so reluctant to use the bathroom at my aunt’s house and that was when I found out the surprising truth. She told me that she and most women feel embarrassed to relieve their bowels because of the smell left behind and that some women will even avoid going to the bathroom because of this feeling of shame. Bathroom blues is real and in full effect. When she told me that even farting was a female no no I really was taken aback because men pass gas and then announce it with a smile.

I went and did some research about bathroom blues and found that what she said was true and that many women feel this way. While men think laying down thunder and lightning in the bathroom is funny and quite manly, women think and experience this perfectly normal call of nature in a completely opposite fashion. Check out this article at the link that speaks about this same very smelly thing. https://www.stuffmomnevertoldyou.com/podcasts/whats-the-scoop-on-lady-poop-transcript.htm

Well, we are not together anymore but I did call her and tell her about the Jungle Life Herbs solution for bathroom blues, and she bought some Cell D’Tox after much laughter as we spoke and reminisced about that moment. Avoiding the natural action of number # 2 is not an option when you look at the negative side effects like irritable bowels, bloating, constipation, bad breath, and blemished skin. All caused by not being able to shamelessly relieve your system. So next time when you make #2, and the smell is over powering, intolerable, and embarrassing, do the right thing for everyone and order and start using Cell D’Tox. Cleaning the body from the inside is just as important as the outside.

Let’s talk Constipation for a moment. Many people are going to visit the toilet fewer than three bowel movements a week and that is proven through studies by the National Institute of Health, the largest government study department in America. NIH studies show that when there are three or less bowel movements a week, a person’s stool becomes hard, dry, and lumpy. Stool of this character is painful and hard to pass through the colon. This type of colon condition can lead to tearing of the colon wall, which can then cause the contents of the colon to leak into the body. If this starts to happen, then disease and many types of debilitating conditions can develop. One of the worst things that are associated with constipation is the feeling of not passing all of your stool, leaving you feeling like you still need to poop.Image result for images of constipation There is a story connected to a famous rock and roll star that died while sitting on the toilet  seat because of a heart attack that was brought on by constipation. This is  not an uncommon occurrence, since the effort placed on the heart while trying to push hard dry stool out of the colon, creates pressure on the body that is very similar to a person performing a heavy squat. Now if you or anyone you know has a weak heart and is having constipation issues, then make sure to let them know about Cell D’Tox. You might be saving them from a heart attack.

Now here is something that generates a lot of behind the back talk, and it is never flattering but could be helped with the use of Cell D’Tox. It is called Body Odor. I had a friend that I worked with that had a real issue called body odor. He was a great guy who worked really hard but man, did he smell bad.There were days when If you had to work with him  in close quarters, then you were going to hold your breath for long periods. Body Odor happens to everyone but for many it is a major concern. Again, while body odor is responsible for many embarrassing moments, science has shown that food not being able to move out of the body on a regular basis because of putrefaction,caused by constipation, will help cause body odor. However, the regular use of Cell D’Tox will help remove or lessen some of the odor and behind  your back talk.Stinky poop, bathroom blues, and negative bowel side effects are a thing of the past for anyone, especially women who use Cell D’Tox. It is that simple.





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